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Events National:

Art & Noise Elements, Best of Switzerland, Explosion, Houseplosion / ZH
Energy Energy, Motion, Evolution / all over CH
Generation-X Goliath, History of Trance, Rave Olympia / all over CH
Guayas Guayas Club / BE
Gurbrü - Chilbi Gurbrü Festival, Stars 5 / BE

Hannibal Events

Sonic / BS
Koma Silence-Parties / AG
KV-Fäscht KV Fäscht / ZH
Lunatic-Trance Lunatic Trance / OW
Mindforce Events Space Trip, House Trip / SO
Outface Outface Open Air / VD
Oxa OXA Club / ZH
Partyportal Halloween, Sunshine, Mythonia, Ibiza Party / ZH, SZ


Eventik, Metro Club Olten, Kettenbrücke Club Aarau / AG, SO


Rohstofflager Club / ZH
Spacenation Spacenation / SG
Streetparade Parade Zürich, Europeans biggest parade now
The Lab Highway / GE
Via Felsenau Subsonic, Via Felsenau Club / BE
White Wolf White Wolf / ZH